The closet of a vagabonde #1

In the wardrobe of traveller Amélie Pichard, from Paris to Medellín.   Hello Amélie, You are the cofounder of the web design, branding and graphic design agency Iconink. You have worked for 5 years as a digital nomad. You lived in France, Italy, Australia, Argentina, Indonesia and now, Colombia. You moved around a lot and…

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Are French girls still special?

What does it mean to be French? Here’s my take in 5 points.

How India empowered me?

For me, big truths about life, my life, occurred to me in India in a spontaneous and extremely clear manner, through everyday events.

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During my stays abroad, I used to get very annoyed by the “French” tag people immediately put on me. I didn’t want it. And the less I wanted it, the more my attitude was “so French”. Anyway, I ended up accepting my country of birth and my supposed French characteristics. Here are the ones about…

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