How India empowered me?

How India empowered me?

For me, big truths about life, my life, occurred to me in India in a spontaneous and extremely clear manner, through everyday events. These truths allow me to feel more rooted, less interested in seeking approval of others and more the master of my actions and emotions. This process definitely makes me feel stronger.

1/ Freedom is just an illusion

We are all interdependent. Our actions inevitably affect others and our environment, and in return, others’ actions impact us too. That is why I think we should not waste time but act as far as possible if we want to orient our lives in a direction of our choice. Freedom to live the life that we want is an ambitious choice which warrants courage and a lot of effort and patience, because as you know, you are not alone, you need to move in spite of or with others.

2/ A smile is a sign of humanity

For long, I associated smiling with seduction. In other words, I didn’t smile at everyone and when I inadvertently did, I almost felt guilty for having perhaps sent a wrong signal of seduction. In fact, I used to associate it with simpering. But that was a mistake.

It feels good to smile, both for the one who smiles and the one who receives it. No ulterior motives, no signals; or maybe just one of entering into communication with another person. Lips that smile and eyes that laugh, today, that’s what I look to give to and receive from my colleagues, people in the street and everyone I come across. It may not be much but it does the job! It makes me become a part of the moment. I am no longer lost in my thoughts but there, right in front of the person I am smiling at. I look at them, listen to them and try to understand them. This entire attitude lies hidden within a smile – attentiveness and kindness.

3/ Being conscious of one’s presence

Of one’s presence and the energy one emits. This sort of brings us back to the part about smiling as it is all about walking into a room or onto the street and being totally receptive to the environment in which we find ourselves, the place and the people around us. I want things to go well, so I am positive! It is not being positive in the sense that you blow a lot of hot air to prove that everything is going well…No; on the contrary, this attitude could be very quiet. It is in fact a true internal self-awareness, an attempt to concentrate on oneself in order to be disposed and available to accept events in the best way possible when they present themselves.

For example, it is not about going to a meeting thinking that to go to this place, I had to have a short night or end it in a car and that if I am in a bad mood, it is their fault and I hope they feel guilty about it. But rather, we should arrive saying “Okay, now that we’re here, what should we do to make it go well?”

4/ Happiness decides for itself and builds itself

Ah happiness! What is it? I think we get closer to happiness when we forget it. It is similar to doing everything possible in order to be present in what we do. Honestly, I feel lucky to be born in a free country, France, lucky to have received good education and to have grown up in a loving family. I would like to do something out of it; I mean I am looking for a way to put to good use this luck which I received in this life. I am looking for a balance between my joy and that of others. While I pursue this quest, I act for my own happiness. I take full responsibility to be happy thanks to my decisions and my choices.

In other words, I no longer wait for it to fall from the sky…




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